Ireland's National Stem Cell Research Organisation

The Irish Stem Cell Foundation is a Member of the International Consortium of Stem Cell Networks, and is committed to the Pursuit of International Cooperation, Collaboration and Excellence in the Stem Cell Field.


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Our Objectives

  • Accelerate Stem Cell Research to Cure the Major Illnesses of Our Generation.
  • Provide a Focus on Education in All Areas of Stem Cell Research and Therapy.
  • Establish a Forum to Promote, Foster and Exchange Accurate Information on the Progress of Stem Cell Research to All Interested Parties.

We also seek to have appropriate legislation and improve current governance to make Irish medical research more competitive internationally and to educate and thus reduce risk to the Irish patient.

We Need Your Help

There are several ways you can help stem cell research and treatment in Ireland.

about stem cells video

What are Stem Cells?

A short, easy-to-understand movie introducing the science and concepts of stem cells and their medical uses.

about stem cells video

Meetings & Seminars

Highlights from the Irish Stem Cell Foundation's previous public engagements.

Other Groups

There are other groups in Ireland and the rest of the world with whom we share common objectives.
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Cad Iad Gaschealla?

Stem cell basics as Gaeilge
Learn about stem cells in your own native tongue
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