About Us

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The Irish Stem Cell Foundation is an independent, non-profit medical research charity. Established in October 2009, it is composed of researchers, clinicians, patients advocates, patients, science communicators, bioethicists, lawyers, teachers, and students.

Our Mission

  • to accelerate stem cell research to cure the major illnesses of our generation.
  • to instigate appropriate legislation and corporate governance making Irish stem cell research and treatment more competitive internationally.
  • to establish a forum to promote and exchange accurate information on the progress of stem cell research, both domestically and internationally.
  • to provide a focus on education in all areas of stem cell research and therapy.

Our Vision

Our vision is that Ireland plays a full and innovative role in developing, testing and administrating stem cell treatments and applications, using regenerative medicine to bring an end to the incurable diseases and disorders of our time.

The Foundation consists of a broad range of people including Irish doctors, scientists, patient advocates, educators, bioethicists and other associated parties seeking to expand and develop the Irish public's understanding of stem cells.

The Foundation's main represenatives in the media include Dr. Orla Hardiman (Chief Medical Officer) and Dr. Stephen Sullivan (Chief Scientific Officer).

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