The Irish Stem Cell Foundation encourages and aims to facilitate an informed, ongoing societal ethical debate on stem cell research, driven by an understanding of the facts. A thorough ethical exploration of an issue, such as stem cell research, requires examining the issue from all angles, taking into consideration all positive and negative aspects, along with the fact that there is still a lot that is not yet known about the subject.

The Irish Stem Cell Foundation encourages participation in the ethical debate from many parts of society, including lawmakers, governmental bodies, medical professionals, researchers, patients and members of the general public. The lack of regulation on stem cell research in Ireland makes the need for an informed societal debate on the issue very important, as the debate is an integral part of the creation and implementation of any potential legislation.

All ethical considerations will be taken prior to the Irish Stem Cell Foundation endorsing or encouraging any specific course of action, whether in an area of research, a new type of treatment, or any potential legislation. The Irish Stem Cell Foundation advocates a patient-centred approach, ensuring that patients' autonomy, human dignity and human rights are maintained at all stages of the research or treatment process.

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