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A significant way that you can help is by knowing how to distinguish between fact and fiction when it comes to stem cells. You might even like to share the International Society For Stem Cell Research 'myth bursting fact sheet'.

Myths vs Facts

The following is a small excerpt from that fact sheet:

Myth Fact Supporting Points
Adult stem cell treatments can cure many diseases right now. Currently, only a very limited number of diseases can be treated with adult stem cells. These diseases are largely limited to those of the blood system, skin and eye. Adult tissue stem cells are robust precursors of their own tissues, but are generally unable to produce other tissues without significant experimental modification of their genetic makeup. It takes time to confirm, understand and develop scientific breakthroughs, and sometimes they do not withstand the test of time. Breakthroughs are exciting and rightfully generate a lot of interest but should not be moved forward at the expense of existing research paths – nor used to forward a political agenda.
Human embryonic stem cells are not needed because stem cells can be obtained from adult tissues, umbilical cords and placentas. Stem cells from different sources have different properties. All forms of stem cell research are critical to study and develop treatments for a broad spectrum of debilitating diseases and injuries. Recent success in reprogramming could not have occurred without a decade of human embryonic stem cell research – and we still have a lot to learn from human embryonic stem cells moving forward. It is not possible to predict exactly what research will lead to a breakthrough therapy – that is why all forms of stem cell research must be pursued and protected. Additionally, researchers use human embryonic stem cells to learn about early human developmental processes that cannot be revealed by studying stem cells from adult tissues.

More Information

Here are other good links to allow you to differentiate facts from myths

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