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For the first three years of its existence, the Foundation focused on education and calling on the Government to develop legislation and policy to allow Irish stem cell research to transparently operate by international standards and norms. These focuses continue but in 2012, we have also begun raising funds for stem cell research to be carried out by Irish researchers, in Ireland or where necessary abroad. Stem cell research is a pan-national activity and we must do all we can to improve the situation of Irish researchers isolated by the underdevelopment of necessary legislation.

Stem cell research holds the promise of allowing us to overcome one of the most challenging obstacles in studying disease - understanding its precise origin. 

Our goal at the Irish Stem Cell Foundation is to integrate the efforts of our researchers into large pan-national efforts that focus on developing progress in the treatment of human disease and injury.

Neurons spreading under microscopeResearchers receiving funds from the Foundation must publish their work in a publicly accessible manner (Open Access) to allow scientific progress to be accelerated as much as possible as well as showing donors where their investment is going.

The Irish Stem Cell Foundation strongly supports the Irish Council of Bioethics' Recommendations for Promoting Research Integrity in Ireland and believes implementation of all such recommendations would fortify Irish stem cell research and encourage public trust, foreign investment, job creation and ultimately a better standard of research.



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